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Marina Kremik

Marina Kremik


Tel.: +385 (0)22 570 068  Fax: +385 (0)22 571 142




Splitska 22-24
22202 Primosten

Welcome to Marina Kremik

We welcome you on the official site of our marina and we would like to inform you of our programs services provided throughout the year. Marina Kremik is located not far from famous turistic town Primošten, almost in the center of Adriatic sea and it is open for sailors from 1983. Marina has standard for second category and marina care to keep this level or make better to get in future higher status, first category.

In 2003 Marina Kremik was completely renovated. New floating jetties were installed to offer more places in the sea, the restaurant, the reception, the sanitary blocks and the service were renovated.
In the same year all ecology standards and norms were fulfilled, and from 2003 till today Marina Kremik has Blue Flag thanks to the care for the environment and meeting strict criteria required by the FEE organization (Foundation for Environmental Education).

marina kremik primošten

About Us

The Kremik Marina is located in a picturesque bay surronded by hundred year old vineyards that produce the famous Babić wine. Located south of Šibenik, and set snugly into the land, this marina is certainly one of the most protected in the whole of the Adriatic. The Kornati National Park is located 30 nautical miles away, and Split Airport only 30 km.

The marina has 393 moorings in the sea and 150 on dry land, each one of which is supplied with water and 220 V/380 V electricity. The marina is well lit and secured. Of its facilities we might mention the reception, restaurant, market, nautic shop, technical service with a complex workshop, and a petrol pump and taxi service, if you need it.

It is also possible to rent a large number of luxurious charter vessels. All lovers of the sea will certainly find the Kremik marina one of their favorite ports.

marina kremik primošten

Price List 2016

General conditions

The price list is effective from January, 1st, 2016. Prices are in Euro and include VAT.

Boat owner are paying tourist tax and Vignette in Master harbour office in Primosten, Rogoznica or another Master harbour office in Croatia.

Monthly berth in the sea

Place in Water for 30 days, water, electricity and use of sanitary facilities are included in price.

Prices are in € and payment is on reception on first day in kuna or by card (middle course).

Prices are same in July and August

In high season and depending of  availability in marina it is possible that some guests will need to change berth.


Lenght in m


Length over
per year
Addition for land in winterPlace on landMooring per dayMooring on land per dayKeel washingCrane 5 T one operationTravel lift 80T
2 OP
5 – 6.9934113559
7 – 7.9937114270
8 – 8,995120480460047144793
9 – 9,9954405804860511558116240
10 – 10,9958006905290541675300
11 – 11,9963257655560591882462
12 – 12,9968308605900641993552
13 – 13,997500104565106820103714
14 – 14,998370115073207021116806
15 – 15,999910148590757626126862
16 – 16,99107601550967083291501018
17 – 17,991145016201025090301661070
18 – 18,991210017201145096331841216
19 – 19,9912900179012190105362181320
20 – 20,9914370186513530109392261518
21 – 21,9915300196014440118422441650
22 – 22,9915900208515210124442601822
23 – 23,9916580280815825138462762046
24 – 24,9918360286817580163502872350
25 – 25,9920185293019335194553032500



For boats with hulls wider than average the price will be increased by 50%-100%


The price includes:

  • berthinthesea
  • useofdrinking water
  • useofelectricity
  • use of sanitarfacilities
  • parking fo rone car per boat
  • boat covering with owner’s tarpaulin
  • boatsinsurance (in marin aonly)

The price of berth on land during winter time (till 30th April)

Includes the following service:

  • place on the land
  • The usage of other servicelike lifting anlaunching by crane, keel washing, towing of boat in the marina, cradles and trestles are to be paid!
  • Place on land
  • reservation for the term 3 days in advance
  • lifting and lowering
  • use of sanitarfacilities
  • use of drinking water
  • use of electricity
  • car park­ing for one car per boat
  • supports, wooden supports are to be paid
  • boat transportation on land is to be paid
  • keel washinis to be paid
  • 50% discount for renters of
  • daily mooring
EThe daily price includes:
  • place in sea or on land
  • use of sanitary facilities
  • after 30 days of continuous use of mooring place (in period of 01.03.-0l.ll).

There is a price reduction of 50%. For daily price from 01.11.-29.02. There is a price reduction of 50%.

The use of electricity and drinking water are included in price.

Other servicesEUR
Caravan parking, per day16
Open trailer parking (without boat), per day5
Car parking, per day4
Lost parking ticket35
Boat transfer 30T x 2 on the land65
Boat transfer in sea (from mooring to the crane and back)20
Use of electricity for electric devices per kWh2
Use of fork lift truck, per hour50
Mooring damage70
Cradle use, per day, for boat, < 10 m4
Cradle use, per day, for boat, > 10 m6
Trailer rent s/y, < 10 m240
Trailer rent s/y, 10-14 m310
Trailer rent s/y, 14-17 m408
Trailer rent m/y, 10% of mooring per year

Other services in Marina Kremik:

• rent a car
• reservation for plain and bus ticket, and other ticket
• exchange office
• arrangement of maritime insurance for vessels


By-boats (auxiliary boats)

Regardless of whether the by­ boat (auxiliary boat) is registered or has a vignette signage, the berth fee is not charged when the auxiliary boat is placed on the main boat. When the byboat uses separate berth place, the owner is obliged to sign  a separate contract for the byboat and the berth fee for a yearly, monthlor daily bertis charged in accordance with valid price listWhen  the  byboat uses  the separate  berth  place, and the main boat inot on yearly berth contract with marina Kremik the valid priclist for daily berth is applied (no  discounts allowed).

For motor-caravans and camping vehicles are not allowed staying in Marina Kremik.


marina kremik primošten

Other services in Marina Kremik:

• rent a car
• reservation for plain and bus ticket, and other ticket
• exchange office
• arrangement of maritime insurance for vessels

marina kremik primošten  marina kremik primošten


marina kremik primošten

marina kremik primošten